What are the ways to speed up website access?

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The opening speed of any website is related to the host computer. To choose a professional WordPress host computer, the most powerful optimization technology should also be built on a high-quality host computer. Purchase CDN acceleration service, improve the speed of the website and at the same time defend against DDoS attacks.

Page static processing, the website try to generate static pages, is conducive to improving the speed of access.

Code optimization, compression of CSS and JS files, CSS compression operation can be said to be very simple, reducing the load time caused by network requests. For JS, just put it at the bottom of footer.php; CSS files need to be loaded first, JS files can be loaded finally, which will not affect the user experience.

Website database optimization for the speed of the promotion effect is very obvious. The optimization of database can be realized by plug-in or manual operation.

Delete redundant PHP tags. In the website theme header.php, there may be unnecessary tags that only occupy memory, so you can remove them.

For WordPress websites, we sometimes install many plug-ins, but actually we don’t use them. We can delete these programs regularly.

The optimization of images and website images can save bandwidth resources and greatly improve the overall loading speed of the website.

When saving the picture, save the picture as a website application, and try to use. JPG as the picture format. Try to keep the image size below 40KB.

Install cache plug-in: browser caching is one of the “quick wins” in the world of speed optimization. By retrieving some static files from the cache, you can download less information, which means you can load the site faster. This is how browser caching can significantly reduce page load time.

Video files are called instead of being placed in the server. Get the video by external reference, so as not to affect the bandwidth of the website.

Turn off log revision logging, disable and delete WordPress article revision logging, or clean up periodically.

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What are the ways to speed up website access?

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