What is the difference between internal links and external links on the website?

Website links

Internal links refer to your own specific website or domain. The menu bar at the top of the site contains internal links. Links from pages on your website to contact pages are another simple example of internal links. Internal = link to content in the same domain. External links point from one domain to a …

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Google search engine optimization basic steps content

Google search engine optimization

Web server The choice of server depends on the number of concurrent connections of the server and the monthly traffic, the location of the server; the server system is divided into linux and windows, whether the information service provider supports pseudo-static in advance; the database types of websites are generally divided into access and mysql …

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High quality external link construction method for website optimization

website optimization

Website optimization method of high-quality external link construction 1. External links-thematic The original design of the search engine is also derived from life. If you are doing SEO training, your external links are from the top links in the search engine industry. Then the links of the page and the theme of the whole site …

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