What are the ways to improve the ranking of website keywords?

keyword ranking

Make a static page website Static pages are conducive to website optimization, it does not need to worry about multiple access paths appearing on a website page, it is independent, so it is very friendly to search engines. Search engine spiders prefer static pages, which are simpler, easier to read, and more stable than dynamic …

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How to use Google search optimization to improve website traffic?

Google search optimization

The ranking obtained through SEO is more durable, when the website obtains a higher ranking, it will last longer, and the cost is low (no need to pay to search engines). After the payment of SEM is stopped, the traffic brought by it will gradually disappear  Off. Users access the website through natural search and …

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High quality external link construction method for website optimization

website optimization

Website optimization method of high-quality external link construction 1. External links-thematic The original design of the search engine is also derived from life. If you are doing SEO training, your external links are from the top links in the search engine industry. Then the links of the page and the theme of the whole site …

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What are the ways to speed up website access?

Google search engine optimization

The opening speed of any website is related to the host computer. To choose a professional WordPress host computer, the most powerful optimization technology should also be built on a high-quality host computer. Purchase CDN acceleration service, improve the speed of the website and at the same time defend against DDoS attacks. Page static processing, …

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How to use long tail keywords to get website traffic?

The traffic of the website’s core keywords is very large, but it is not accurate enough; while the traffic that the long tail keywords can bring is small, but the accuracy is extremely high. In the keyword attracting flow, the traffic that the long tail keywords can bring accounts for 80%. In this case, how …

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How to enhance your website’s rankings?

Onsite optimization includes all the actions related to the content development of your website and offsite are considered to be all these actions acquiring links to your website from other websites on the web. Afterwards, since you have developed your website’s content appropriately (onsite optimization), you will need to check your keyword rankings performance, evaluate …

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What Is Search Engine Optimization?

Search engine optimization is to help search engines understand and present content. Google optimization refers to the search characteristics of the Google search engine, so that the web design is suitable for the search principle of the Google search engine (that is, friendly to the search engine), so as to obtain the various behaviors included …

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