How to use long tail keywords to get website traffic?

The traffic of the website’s core keywords is very large, but it is not accurate enough; while the traffic that the long tail keywords can bring is small, but the accuracy is extremely high. In the keyword attracting flow, the traffic that the long tail keywords can bring accounts for 80%. In this case, how can we improve the traffic for the website through the long tail keywords?

Follow the 28 rule

Although selecting precise long tail words can bring traffic, but the exposure is very low, so it should be combined with popular words. Long tail keywords account for 80% of all words. In this way, we can avoid the situation that the optimization of hot words is not up and the precise words are not displayed. This is the best way to optimize keywords.

With high weight platform

Dealing with a platform with high weight and trust from search engines, in this platform, high-quality article content can be included and ranked on the same day, even the ranking that has been generated several hours after publication has happened.

Website title and article title

It is also a good way to combine long tail keywords on the title. The keywords in the title also get higher weight than the content. The key words to be optimized can be subdivided, which can be the method to solve the problem or experience sharing, which can attract the attention of users, and then provide users with high-quality, valuable and demand solving content, so that high-quality page articles can be determined.

The key is how to mine the effective long tail keywords?

Use of technical terms

This kind of word is easy to find. Generally, it can be seen intuitively when searching in search engines. At the same time, it can also understand the most basic concept information, etc. to help you get started.

Common methods of long tail keyword Mining:

Baidu dropdown box and Baidu related search selection

Baidu Index tool, which can monitor keyword index to be optimized

Mining long tail keywords through related searches of Baidu, 360, Sogou, Shenma and other search engines

Collect key words of visitors in time period through cnzz, baidu statistics and other tools

Long tail word screening by Chinaz, aizhan, 5118 and other auxiliary tools

Key words and key words planner tools

Analysis of key words of peer websites

Expand based on user search habits

Collect what keywords users search to your website or peer websites, then sort out their own keyword thesaurus, and further expand it to form long tail keywords. You can also use the form of Q & A to expand, think about problems from the perspective of users, and think of many long tail keywords with click.

Recent hot search words

Using hot search words can be associated with hot events to attract customers, so as to improve website traffic.

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