How to optimize mobile website in Google search engine?

optimize mobile website

Google has already begun to implement the “mobile optimized index” in 2019, and Google has expanded this program to more mobile-friendly websites. More and more people use mobile devices. For the future, mobile-first indexing may be an inevitable trend. As early as 2016, Google proposed that the ranking of PC, tablet, and mobile is based on the ranking of mobile. Google is satisfied with the early performance of this implementation, and has begun to be the best Of websites use a “mobile-first index”.
In recent years, search engines such as Google have also vigorously strengthened the mobile search experience, and even launched some tools and reports to check the practicability of mobile devices.
Difference between mobile and PC
1. Relevant search: The relevant search on the mobile terminal and the PC terminal are different. Friends who carefully observe the mobile phone will find that there is an additional recommendation on the mobile terminal, that is, “other people are still searching” in the middle of the web page. At the same time, the search results on the mobile terminal are recommended based on the search habits of users of mobile phones or tablets. The search results and related recommendations on the mobile terminal are more accurate than those on the PC terminal. This advantage is conducive to merchants placing ads on the mobile terminal.
2. Ranking difference: The ranking of the mobile terminal lags behind the PC terminal, because the websites that appear through the search keywords are all transcoded by the search engine, but the website of the PC terminal cannot be transcoded. If you want to rank high on the mobile site, then your website must have a superior mobile site, which will allow spiders to adapt and crawl faster.
3. Device differences: There are not many here, I believe everyone knows that the size of the PC and mobile terminals are different, as well as the brand and compatibility of the mobile phone.
4. The difference in network speed: the number of web pages opened by the mobile terminal is definitely not as fast as that of the PC terminal. It is recommended that the mobile terminal do not add too many animations or a large number of pictures. If you want to add them, try to process them all, reduce the image memory, Compression, etc.
5. User habits: First of all, the PC side mainly uses the mouse and keyboard, while the mobile side mainly uses the touch screen, and the screen of the mobile side is small, the page design should not be too complicated, which will affect the user experience.
If the website itself is a responsive website or a dynamic service website, the content of the web page can be switched freely on the desktop and mobile, so no changes are required.
If the site itself has a desktop version and a mobile version, and the administrator only added and certified the desktop version in Google ’s Search Console, Google recommends that the administrator also include the mobile version and authenticate it.
If the site only has a desktop version, Google will continue to index the site very well, even if Google uses a mobile search engine.
Ways to quickly optimize mobile websites and increase Google’s free traffic:
1. Don’t use too much FLASH or JAVA: Too much use will cause a lot of traffic to users and increase website loading time. Some functions are not supported in the mobile terminal, which will bring bad user experience to the user, affect the page loading speed, and waste user traffic.
2. URL standardization: To be a mobile website, do not use the column page to save the space cost, buy a new space, and use a separate second-level domain name as the mobile station is the best. Don’t have extra characters or missing strings; contain extended characters; mix query order and so on.
3. Switching between the PC and the mobile terminal: whether on the PC or mobile website, there needs to be a corresponding navigation or prompt link, so that the user can easily browse, but also easy to crawl the search engine.
4. Page planning: The biggest difference between the mobile terminal and the PC terminal is the size of the screen. The mobile terminal must abide by the principles of simplicity, clarity and clarity.
5. External link optimization: If you do some Google SEO external link optimization for the mobile website alone, it will be very helpful to improve the search effect of the website. Inclusion has a direct impact.

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