How to improve user experience on Google website?

user experience

Google has a set of extremely strict standards for judging high-quality content. Mainly to measure the user experience and the content itself. The standards for content include: the length of the content, the quality of the links contained in the content, the relevance of the content and the title, the layout of the content, whether the content contains pictures, and so on.

The core purpose of Google is to obtain user data from it, and use it to further understand the user’s needs and predict the user’s next step. It is smarter and better understands the artificial intelligence technology of the algorithm technology deep inside the user.

If you create content from the perspective of helping users, and truly understand what users need in this issue, then you don’t need to worry about any judgment criteria at all, and Google will naturally put your content in front.

What are the ways to improve the user experience?

Whether the website content can solve the user’s problem: does the content immediately answer the user’s search problem, without too much irrelevant content. Meaningless content may make the user impatient and jump out of your page, so that your page As the bounce rate increases, Google will reconsider whether your content is optimal. Therefore, it is very important to be able to express the answer to the question at the beginning of the content.

Good content not only answers a question the user searches for, but also correctly predicts the user’s other potential doubts. Only by arranging a profound and comprehensive content covering multiple angles can Google be regarded as truly effective and reliable content.

Whether it can make users stay longer on your page: In addition to the methods mentioned above to improve the user experience, this point is very important, that is, the way the page content is presented. Users not only pursue high-quality content, but also have the same high pursuit for page layout and layout.

So as the webmaster, we have to spend time to study people ‘s reading habits, learn to beautify page design and typography, and refer to the pages of other successful websites or bloggers to understand which fonts are most acceptable to people. Those pictures or video materials Can help people understand the content of your article, etc.

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