How to check website keyword ranking in Google search engine?


SEO’s keyword ranking is actually not fixed. Many times we are looking at the timely ranking, so if we want to understand the ranking of website keywords, we often need to check the real-time content. Here are some tools for querying keyword rankings:
GoogleSERP (Search Engine Results Page)
Enter the keywords we want to view in Google, using the incognito mode is to view the keywords, so that the data is not affected by the local cache.
With the incognito mode, this situation can be avoided, and the data is more objective. Through this method, we can know the ranking of keywords.
In addition, Google also has country divisions. If you want to check the ranking of keywords in Google UK, you need to check in
Google search console (Google webmaster tools)
Google Webmaster Tools can only view the ranking of the websites that have been bound, that is to say, the ranking of its own website keywords.
We can see the ranking of all keywords on our website. In this webmaster tool, we can not only see the ranking of keywords on our website, but also see the monthly exposure of keywords and the click of each keyword Rate and visitor clicks, as well as the overall average keyword ranking. With these data, we can better view and balance the keyword ranking of our website.
If you want to check the keyword ranking of competitors ’websites, using Google Webmaster Tools will not help, then we must use other tools.
Google keyword planner (ADS)
GKP is a keyword detection tool that comes with Google ads. It is also called a keyword planner. The average person may only use it to view keywords, but it also has a powerful function: enter a URL to get ranked keywords, enter it in GKP Link to the page of the survey, you can see all the ranking keywords of the page.
With this tool, you can not only view keywords, but also analyze competitors, and also research topics. The query function is very powerful, and you can clearly understand the website ranking, the current page external link value, the current website external link value, the number of external links, Data such as the number of external domain names, all ranking keywords, monthly natural traffic, website value, and the cost of equivalent traffic advertisements.
The functions of ahrefs are more than that. We can also look at the top pages of the competing website, we can understand the main source of traffic of the website, and we can also investigate the keywords of poor ranking of the website to help us optimize the keywords of the website.
You can check the ranking of search keywords in the United States, Canada, United Kingdom, and Australia websites in Google. Enter the website for free and fill in the mailbox to get important data such as rankings and keyword search volume trends.
A company that provides SEO tools can use its 5 tools as long as it buys his services:
kwinder keyword query (a keyword tool, it can view the search volume of each keyword, can also calculate the difficulty of the keyword.), SERPChecker Google search results page analysis, SERPWatcher keyword ranking monitoring, LinkMiner outside Chain monitoring, SiteProfiler website analysis
You can query the ranking of all google countries and regions, and you can enter multiple keywords to view the ranking position.
You can only query English, only one keyword, and only the US Google ranking. You can see the title and description showing the search results to the customer.

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How to check website keyword ranking in Google search engine?

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