High quality external link construction method for website optimization

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Website optimization method of high-quality external link construction
1. External links-thematic

The original design of the search engine is also derived from life. If you are doing SEO training, your external links are from the top links in the search engine industry. Then the links of the page and the theme of the whole site are very relevant, to a certain extent, will give you a higher weight.

2. External links-pageability

If the industry you want to optimize is relatively special, or the cost of obtaining external links from theme-related websites is extremely high, at this time, when we still want to build high-quality external links, we need to think about whether we can lower the standard , Just look for websites that can do page-related, such as:

① On news source sites or the four major portal sites, publish news links of relevant content.

② Write content that matches the target keywords and publish it on relevant social networking sites or relevant community sites.

③ If you can, you can also ask industry professionals to do ghostwriting and post on the other party’s blog.

3. External links-demand

When we try to mine the maximum value of an external chain, we may relatively easily realize the subjectivity of the external chain and the relevance of the page, but based on the continuous improvement of search algorithms and machine learning, search engines are even more personal. Demand.

Simple understanding: When you see this external link on a third-party website, it is not a cold paragraph in the website, but a tight combination between this content and the context.

And this anchor text link, when the user clicks in, can solve the problem of actual needs, for example: if your page is introduced by breadcrumb navigation, and the external link of a third party, it is like this when doing related introduction :

When we are doing site layout, in order to improve the liquidity of the site’s weight and help users better understand their topic positioning, we usually let SEO staff think about how to configure “breadcrumb navigation”.

At this time, the resulting third-party external chain has certain demand and recommendation.

4. External links-brand

In fact, sometimes when we are doing SEO, we eventually have a goal, that is to improve the brand’s popularity and product conversion. If we are in the process of doing external chains, even if the above three factors can not be satisfied , But it can:

① Through this link, you can deposit a large number of users and fans to your website or social media account.

② It can continuously generate topics and improve the second search probability of brand words.

③ It can bring you true conversion of landing pages, such as links in pages recommended by industry leaders.

We believe that these are external links that are beneficial to the website, and it should belong to the category of efficient external links.

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High quality external link construction method for website optimization

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