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Google search engine optimization

Web server

The choice of server depends on the number of concurrent connections of the server and the monthly traffic, the location of the server; the server system is divided into linux and windows, whether the information service provider supports pseudo-static in advance; the database types of websites are generally divided into access and mysql It is recommended to use php to write website code + mysql database, because asp writing website code + access database will slow down when the website traffic is heavy, and the pressure on the database is greater.
Domain name optimization

The domain name is spelled in words; the domain name contains the relevant product keywords is the best; if there are too many dynamic parameters of the domain name, try to statically process the domain name of the website, which is conducive to crawling by search engine spiders.

Website keyword selection

Keywords related to the initial launch of the website, affecting the development direction of the website and the implementation of the entire website optimization plan. If the website itself is a portal website, you can not set keyword tags in a wide range; to avoid excessive irrelevant content; once the keyword is determined, do not change it easily, otherwise it will not only affect the current ranking, but also cause the website to fall. Rights, and has a great impact on the site for life.
Search engine spiders generally search websites regularly. When updating content, we must seize the rules of the search engine, optimize the originality of the content, and optimize the keyword ranking and maintain the high quality of the original content. After high-quality content slowly accumulates, search engines will have a good impression on the website, and the ranking of the website will also be more advanced.
Not only to update the content, but also to build the link structure. If it is the target keyword and the long-tail keyword, we can use hyperlinks to add to the article, so that we can increase the internal links of the website, but also pay attention to One thing, the theme of the content must be related to the theme of the website.

Keyword analysis and competitor analysis

With the fierce website optimization industry, search engine optimization is becoming more and more difficult, and there are more and more competitors doing the same keyword. After analyzing the websites of competitors, the corresponding optimization strategy is obtained, which is conducive to the optimization of our website.

Website internal optimization

The most frequently updated parts of the website are located in the upper left corner of the entire page, and the static or almost immobile content is located in the lower right corner. The website should have secondary navigation to prevent spiders from losing; B> The content with the same format in the tag web page should be called by div id to reduce the amount of css; the <H1> tag appears only once on the web page, if you are not sure about the content, you can not set the <H1> tag; After three times, the content should include keywords; as far as the position of the internal link in the web page does not affect the appearance, try to keep the anchor text: keep the reference link 1: 1; if the picture on the web page has a link, the ALT attribute is added to the target web page. Content; if the picture on the webpage does not have a link, the ALT attribute is added to the relevant content of this page; if the outbound link on the webpage is not relevant, try to add a nofollow tag to prevent the loss of weight; try to keep the webpage updated and update at least every day Once; increase the sitemap of the site to increase the chance of spiders visiting;

Search engine submission link

After the preliminary work of the website is completed, it is necessary to submit the search engine to the website. As soon as possible, the inclusion of the search engine is the first priority, and at the same time, the website is updated.

Search engine optimization and maintenance

The search engine is a variable, and its own ranking algorithm is constantly changing, plus the constant competition of competitors, so we need to maintain and update the website, keep up with the search engine algorithm, and always take care of the status of the website, so that the talent is maintained Stable ranking.

Construction of external links

External links can increase the exposure of the website and increase the number of visits to the website. It has played a large role in the stability of the ranking of the website in the later period. The construction of external links includes the establishment of friendly links, forums, classified information, blogs, encyclopedias and industry website links Wait for the construction.
Check the collection of the website and the increase of the website’s external links. You can use search engine commands to check the optimization effect of the website and the condition of the website.
These are the most basic contents in the website optimization process. If you have more relevant content to add, you can leave a message below. For more search engine optimization services, please contact us!

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