Details that should be paid attention to when optimizing website pages

optimizing website pages

Page description

Generally speaking, the page description is not visible to the user. When writing instructions, make sure to give users a reason to click on the site, make sure the description on each page is different, and try to avoid duplication.

Especially the TDK part of the website, it will be directly displayed in the search results page, an attractive title can often bring a lot of click-through rate to the website.

Different pages use different page description content, do not use the same keywords and description on each page. This is not conducive to ranking. Need to avoid the occurrence of website rights and forgery.

Page keyword selection

Appropriately avoid popular buzzwords in the industry, and choose long-tail keywords with higher precision that can bring accurate customers to optimize. Reducing the difficulty of optimization can also improve website conversion.
The keywords that appear on the page can be emphasized using methods such as bold endpoints, and the density of keywords can also be increased.

Website content optimization

As a seo optimization of website pages, the content should fully display the user’s demand points as much as possible, to avoid too much duplicate content in the search results, you can display its relevant content introduction through different areas.

Website internal chain seo

Use keyword anchor text to achieve, or pictures and other forms can be. This can help website visitors find the content they need better and faster and improve the user experience.

When the content level of the website is too deep, it can also help the search engine spider to quickly crawl the website content and improve the website inclusion.

When constructing internal links on the website, we must also consider whether it is reasonable and not too much.

Website picture optimization

The page pays attention to the combination of graphics and text. At the same time, we should pay attention to the size and number of pictures. It is enough to add pictures appropriately. It should not be too much, which causes slow loading speed, which is not conducive to the crawling and indexing of websites by search engines.

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Details that should be paid attention to when optimizing website pages

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