Common factors affecting website traffic

factors affecting website traffic

Website traffic is used to describe indicators such as the number of users visiting a website and the number of webpages viewed by users.
In the process of doing SEO, the term search engine algorithm is what we often talk about. In a large part, as long as the algorithm is adjusted, your website will be affected.

For the site with abnormal website traffic, we believe that the following problems are likely to exist:

① Verticality

Simple understanding: the domain degree is not vertical, mainly refers to the structure of your website and the actual output of your website, may not be a relative match, for example: you are a personal blog, and the continuous output content is not vertical in a certain field It is a long-term update of a relatively large amount of relevant content in different industries.

Generally, most of such content sites are of relatively low quality. For each content, a targeted solution cannot be formed, which is purely for updating.

② Collection station

If you are a new website, and at the beginning, the website continuously collects a large amount of content, and the average daily output is content with certain search needs, it is likely to get some basic traffic to a large extent.

In the actual later operations, the proportion of such collected articles is getting higher and higher, and it will be adjusted by the algorithm, and even punished by google or Baidu.

③ Link plan

From the current point of view, links are still an important strategy in keyword ranking optimization, and we believe that the natural external chain brought by the old domain name is more effective than the external chain accumulated by the new site. High domain name, this is a good choice.
The reasons for abnormal website traffic also include the following external factors:
① Social practice

When a social event with a relatively wide range of influence occurs, you will find many changes in search traffic.

② Search requirements

In a long period of time, if your traffic starts to appear abnormal continuously, or even the cliff of the traffic drops on a certain day, this is likely to be the emergence of relevant alternative products for daily needs.

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Common factors affecting website traffic

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