What is the difference between internal links and external links on the website?

Website links

Internal links refer to your own specific website or domain. The menu bar at the top of the site contains internal links. Links from pages on your website to contact pages are another simple example of internal links. Internal = link to content in the same domain. External links point from one domain to a …

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Google mobile optimization method to increase website traffic

Google mobile optimization

Owning a mobile device website is an important factor in increasing the influence of a website. If your website has not been equipped with a corresponding mobile terminal website, it will be gradually abandoned in the rapidly developing mobile Internet era. In recent years, search engines such as Google and Google have also vigorously strengthened …

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Common factors affecting website traffic

factors affecting website traffic

Website traffic is used to describe indicators such as the number of users visiting a website and the number of webpages viewed by users. In the process of doing SEO, the term search engine algorithm is what we often talk about. In a large part, as long as the algorithm is adjusted, your website will …

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