What is the difference between internal links and external links on the website?

Website links

Internal links refer to your own specific website or domain. The menu bar at the top of the site contains internal links. Links from pages on your website to contact pages are another simple example of internal links. Internal = link to content in the same domain. External links point from one domain to a …

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Google mobile optimization method to increase website traffic

Google mobile optimization

Owning a mobile device website is an important factor in increasing the influence of a website. If your website has not been equipped with a corresponding mobile terminal website, it will be gradually abandoned in the rapidly developing mobile Internet era. In recent years, search engines such as Google and Google have also vigorously strengthened …

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Common factors affecting website traffic

factors affecting website traffic

Website traffic is used to describe indicators such as the number of users visiting a website and the number of webpages viewed by users. In the process of doing SEO, the term search engine algorithm is what we often talk about. In a large part, as long as the algorithm is adjusted, your website will …

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How to optimize mobile website in Google search engine?

optimize mobile website

Google has already begun to implement the “mobile optimized index” in 2019, and Google has expanded this program to more mobile-friendly websites. More and more people use mobile devices. For the future, mobile-first indexing may be an inevitable trend. As early as 2016, Google proposed that the ranking of PC, tablet, and mobile is based …

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How to check website keyword ranking in Google search engine?


SEO’s keyword ranking is actually not fixed. Many times we are looking at the timely ranking, so if we want to understand the ranking of website keywords, we often need to check the real-time content. Here are some tools for querying keyword rankings: GoogleSERP (Search Engine Results Page) Enter the keywords we want to view …

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How to get high quality website links?

Website links

Go online to find the Friendship links platform to see the information posted by other webmasters. If you feel it is appropriate, contact and recommend your registration number to publish it yourself. Increase the exposure of your website. Add the website URL before going through your website to see what friend chain is added on …

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Google search engine optimization basic steps content

Google search engine optimization

Web server The choice of server depends on the number of concurrent connections of the server and the monthly traffic, the location of the server; the server system is divided into linux and windows, whether the information service provider supports pseudo-static in advance; the database types of websites are generally divided into access and mysql …

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How to improve user experience on Google website?

user experience

Google has a set of extremely strict standards for judging high-quality content. Mainly to measure the user experience and the content itself. The standards for content include: the length of the content, the quality of the links contained in the content, the relevance of the content and the title, the layout of the content, whether …

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What are the search methods of Google website ranking?

Google website ranking

View with Google SERP Enter the keywords we want to view in Google, but we want the browser’s incognito mode to view keywords, so the benefit of viewing is that the data will not be affected by the local cache. With the incognito mode, this situation can be avoided, and the data is more objective. …

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Details that should be paid attention to when optimizing website pages

optimizing website pages

Page description Generally speaking, the page description is not visible to the user. When writing instructions, make sure to give users a reason to click on the site, make sure the description on each page is different, and try to avoid duplication. Especially the TDK part of the website, it will be directly displayed in …

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